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Technological Improvement of Metal Hydraulic Chip Pumping Machine
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Hydraulic metal scrap merger (compactor) is suitable for aluminium alloy profile factory, steel caster, aluminium caster and copper caster. It can replace scrap steel, pig iron, aluminium ingot and copper scrap as raw materials to reduce burning loss by refining aluminium scrap, steel scrap, iron scrap and copper scrap. The equipment can directly cold-press powdered iron chips, steel chips, copper chips and aluminium chips into 3-6 kg cylindrical cakes for easy transportation, furnace operation, without heating, additives or other processes. The density of cast iron chips can reach 5-6T/m3 after compaction. The product can also be based on customer requirements, using domestic or imported hydraulic and electrical components, equipped with automatic feeding, weighing and other devices. Among them, Y83-500 metal hydraulic scrap parallel machine (scrap press) is specially designed for copper material factory. The density of the scrap is over 7 tons/m3. It is an ideal product for pressing lead brass.
(1) Hydraulic drive, smooth operation, no vibration.
(2) Simple infrastructure, installation without foot screw.
(3) Using PLC control, users can choose to operate manually or automatically.

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