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Development Direction of Equipment Level of Shearing Machine
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Domestic production of vertical and horizontal shear machine, equipment technology is still hovering at a relatively backward level. How to get rid of the passive situation that key technologies depend on imports and meet the needs of market development as soon as possible, develop and study new theories, new processes, new technologies and corresponding control means and automation system of shearing process of shearing machine and chip parallel machine, improve the level and grade of domestic metal strip, catch up with each of our shearing machine equipment manufacturing enterprises.
The equipment level of domestic plate and strip shearing machine is generally low, but its economy and practicability are generally welcomed. It is difficult to compete with foreign similar equipment for plate and strip products and automation production enterprises with stringent quality requirements. As the main finishing equipment of metal sheet and strip, how to replace imported equipment, achieve specialization, scale, large volume, improve product accuracy and production efficiency, there is still much work to be done.

The development direction of equipment level of vertical and horizontal shears in China:
1. High level of equipment and equipment, good quality of processed products. The design is scientific and the allocation is reasonable. It not only adopts digital control, but also pays more attention to intellectualization and adapts to large-scale and high-efficiency industrial production. Computer tool matching is used to achieve the optimal edge clearance; hydraulic locking tool shaft is used to control different burr requirements; advanced compensation means are adopted to achieve no movement of tool shaft and precise positioning; automatic operation is realized from feeding, cutting, unloading, packaging, on-line inspection and alarm; grating and safety imaging equipment are set around the machine train to minimize personal accidents. In order to meet the needs of special industries, automatic control laser technology is developed to cut strips of different shapes.
2. Minimize the operation assistance time and design humanization. From feeding to finished products, the equipment can minimize auxiliary time and operation labor intensity, and is easy to maintain. For example: automatic positioning and lead-in of strip material; rapid positioning and locking of cutting tools; multi-position uncoiling, cutting, collecting and sorting to improve production efficiency.
3. For different quality strips and different application fields, it is suitable for specialized production. Domestic equipment should be strengthened in this respect. In recent years, the plate and strip industry should be more subdivided. For example, the electronic industry, frame material, profiled strip, water tank material, various welded pipe industry, household appliances, building materials, automobile industry and so on, the equipment level must be further improved to adapt to market specialization. It is generally required in the market that the burr of shearing strip is small, the surface is not damaged, the size is accurate and the yield is high. For different industries, there are different emphases, which can be matched with various professional production lines.

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