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There is a long way to go in the development of shearing machine equipment
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Since the end of 1970s, China has introduced metallurgical technology and equipment. After years of introduction, digestion and absorption, China has made great progress. Some have approached or reached the advanced international level. Domestic counterparts in the shearing machine, chip blending machine continue to explore and research, the introduction of market demand for high-tech equipment products. Q43-2500 metal shearing machine has been successfully developed to realize cold shearing of various shapes of section steel and various metal structures.

In order to meet the needs of market development, comprehensively improve the installed level, improve the shearing technology and grade and quality level of sheet metal, and get rid of the embarrassing situation of being constrained by others, opportunities and challenges coexist for domestic shearing and chipping machine manufacturers. Therefore, it is a very arduous strategic task to actively adjust the structure, eliminate the backward technology and equipment, speed up the development of shearing machine series products, especially to speed up the development of high added value and high precision shearing machine equipment.

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