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How to Control the Heating of Hydraulic Metal Packer
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Normal temperature hydraulic metal baler hydraulic oil should be controlled to less than 60 degrees Celsius in the coming summer. With the gradual rise of temperature, the temperature of hydraulic metal baler will rise. When it reaches above 80 degrees, because of the different thermal expansion coefficients, the relative difference and the movement state between the components will cause abnormal changes in oil temperature. When the oil temperature exceeds 60 degrees, the oil viscosity will decrease, the leakage will increase, and the sliding part of the oil film will be destroyed, so that the wear of hydraulic components will increase, thus accelerating the speed of temperature rise.

The rising temperature of hydraulic oil is not only affected by the surrounding environment, but also by other reasons. It is found that when the oil temperature of hydraulic machinery rises, customers can find out the following reasons:
1. Poor heat dissipation of metal baler
The dirt deposited on the surface of radiator is too thick, which will lead to heat and poor ventilation, resulting in high oil temperature of hydraulic tank; too low liquid level and insufficient circulating oil system will lead to high temperature of the system.
2 Hydraulic Oil Selection
The improper selection of hydraulic oil brand, especially viscosity index oil, will directly threaten the normal operation of hydraulic system. The range of viscosity and the change of viscosity of hydraulic oil are as small as possible, so the selection of hydraulic oil should also be considered in specific areas and seasons; the oil marker with clear regulations should be filled strictly in accordance with the provisions of the filling hydraulic oil.
3 improper pressure adjustment of metal baler
The system pressure relief valve adjustment is too high to carry out normal overflow pressure reduction, resulting in increased internal leakage and temperature rise.
4 Hydraulic pump suction
Hydraulic pump inhaled air and oil in the air mix too much, forming a "cavitation phenomenon", and under high hydraulic impact, accompanied by strong vibration and noise, resulting in rapid temperature rise.
5 parts wear
Serious wear of hydraulic system components can lead to overheating of the system. Many parts of the components in the system depend on the sealing clearance. Once the hydraulic components are worn out, it will lead to the increase of internal leakage, which will lead to the increase of temperature and the decrease of oil viscosity. Finally, the internal leakage will further increase, resulting in the further increase of oil temperature and the formation of a vicious circle.
6 leakage
In the process of energy transfer, if the leakage is serious, the volume loss of the system will be increased, and the energy loss will be converted into the high temperature heat energy of the system. If the space of the element is too small, the friction between relative motion can also increase the temperature of the oil, and the gap is too large to leak seriously.
This temperature is too high to find out the reason, and then can be targeted to metal baler hydraulic oil cooling. You can take the following measures:
1. Strengthen periodic inspection of hydraulic components, motors and pumps, and replace them immediately if they are found to be damaged. Good motors and pumps can effectively reduce the temperature of hydraulic oil.
2. Reduce the working pressure of the hydraulic station system properly to avoid overload of the equipment system with excessive pressure, so that the friction and temperature can be effectively reduced through the hydraulic oil pump and valve group.
3. Adding air cooling and water cooling of hydraulic oil cooler to the oil tank of metal baler can effectively reduce the high temperature of hydraulic oil.

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